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About us

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GPV Kuvert Ltd. is a Bulgarian-German company established in 2000. The company is part of the Mayer Kuvert Network - the biggest 100% private manufacturer of envelopes in Europe.

„Mayer Kuvert Network“ means co-operation between people, machinery and innovation technology in whole Europe.The concern works all embracingly in 21 countries with more than 30 companies representatives, all of them are ISO registered. In the first months of 2008 the group of„Mayer Kuvert Network“ initiated a Global Strategic Allianz and joined the biggest envelope manufacturers of USA, Spain and Japan. The new Association is unique in its scope and is registered as „ Global Services Group“. It is aiming to fulfil a complemented geographic attendance and to optimize Customers service in multinational aspect. The manufactured products scales are infinite, the end client could have access to a rich portfolio and a broad services range .

GPV Kuvert Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of envelopes with the largest produciton capacity in Bulgaria. We offer the whole range of envelopes by European standard as well as the production of custom envelopes. We own specialized equipment for overprinting on standard envelopes and pockets.

Long lived traditions in the group of „Mayer Kuvert Network“, modernization and contemporary technologies allow notions as envelopes and pockets to be spread out in a wider spectrum and to be concerned to a high quality documentation packing . Thus the new trade mark „Mailmedia“ is implemented , based on Quality, Power and Excellent service. „ Mailmedia “ is more than a trade mark, it is a philosophy, which exceeds the frames of the standard directives for quality provisions . Based on the above the European leader Mayer Kuvert GmbH, due to it you could rely on the same quality and reliability in Bulgaria through “GPV Kuvert” Ltd, is sounding now as the “The Epoch of Mailmedia” in order to replace the old concepts envelope and pocket. „Mayer Kuvert Network“ undertakes the full responsibility to customers , as it optimizes constantly all the processes, sustains partner relationships with supplyers for permament high quality, accomplishes full service using flexible and powerful machines .

The capacity of our equipment allow us to complete large orders within short time.

The main office and manufacturing facilities of GPV Kuvert are situated in the city of Sovia, Bulgaria. In order to provide better service and be close to our clients we established representative offices and storage locations in the cities of Rouse, Provdiv, and Varna. The delivery within these cities is free of charge.

In 2006 GPV Kuvert Ltd. received an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for developed and implemented quality management system in the field of manufacturing, overprinting, and sales of envelopes.

We are constantly developing our production technologies, product range and personnel expertise to meet the growing needs of our clients.